Friday, September 11, 2015

My Favorite NBA Team!


                                         My Favorite NBA Team!

Hi everybody! Sorry for not posting in a while, but I have been very busy at the moment (or past year) with school work and basketball. 

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is an American sports league were men play professional basketball. There are 32 teams in the league. My favorite team is the Golden State Warriors. They just won the NBA Finals in 2015 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Golden State Warriors have produced some excellent ball players,  such as Chris Mullin, Stephen Curry (The 2015 MVP) , Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala ( The 2015 Finals MVP), Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green, and Shaun Livingston.  

Here are some pictures of some Golden State Warriors gear I have:

Photo taken by Yours Truly

This is a picture of all my gear. I have my GSW Hat, my Stephen Curry Jersey, and My Curry Ones (shoes).

Photo Taken by Yours Truly

These are the Curry Ones, as I mentioned up above. The Curry Ones are great in ankle support, and they are light on you feet, so it makes it easier to run.

Do you have a favorite basketball team?

If not, do you have a favorite sports team?

Drop me a comment about your favorite sports teams! :) 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thank You Mrs. Yollis and her Class!


                      Thank You Mrs. Yollis and Class!

Dear Mrs. Yollis and Class,

Instead of replying, I wanted to do a post. I hope that's okay with you :). 

Thank you for replying to me with all your interesting questions!

Mall of America is a very, very, very FUN! I didn't go any rides, sadly. I went into the Arcade though, and won a bunch of candy. The best thing there, in my opinion is the Arcade. 

I did not eat any of the fish I caught, but I did keep a walleye for about an hour. 

I was in Wisconsin for two weeks and I was on the lake for one week. No, I didn't fall out of the boat.  My favorite fish I caught was the walleye.

My favorite Harry Potter book was the 7th, The Deathly Hallows , because Harry kills Voldermort and he's captain of of the Quidditch team, but the sad thing is it's the last book.

Now it's my turn to ask questions.

How do you like Mrs. Yollis? In my opinion Mrs. Yollis is the best third grade teacher EVER!

Have any of you ever gone to Mall of America?  If so,  what did you like about it?

Did any of you play any sports over the summer?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My First Story on my Blog! :: The Cute Canine and The Football Man

         My First Story on my Blog! :: The Cute Canine and The Football Man!

I was inspired to do this post by a classmate, Heather. She has a blog post on her blog called 

My First Story on my Blog :: Rockyzilla and Cooper Kong! My story is about a canine named Buck and a man named Peter. It is called The Cute Canine and The Football Man. I hope you enjoy!

   Chapter 1

Buck and Peter

There once was a canine named Buck and a man named Peter.  Peter wanted a puppy to keep him company on his long trip to Japan, to compete for the National Football Championship. He went to Life 4 Paws, an adoption center, to adopt his special pet. 

Buck was very cute, with golden fur, his breed was a Golden Retriever. Peter looked at a multitude of dogs, and out of all of them, he picked Buck. Buck jumped with joy because he finally had a owner! He came from a litter of 5, and 2 of them got picked a month after they were born. Then one of the pups got adopted when the Red Sox beat the St. Luis Cardinals.   He went to live with the world famous David Ortiz (aka Big Papi) and had a very exciting life. He has season tickets and gets to go to the Red Sox dugout every game. Lucky! So, back to Buck and Peter. Peter boarded  the plane, took Buck with him, and the pilot started the engine.  50 miles per hour, 60 miles per hour, 70 miles per hour, 80 miles per hour, 90 miles per hour, 100 miles per hour, 110 miles per hour! They were going to Tokyo, Japan! Buck had many things to entertain him on that extended flight. He had his own play pen, his own TV, he even had a fake doggy to accompany him on the flight! He was living the dream! They had to make a quick stop in New Delhi, India. They refueled and Buck got to get out and stretch his legs.  Finally, they got to Japan National Airport!

Chapter 2

Exploring Tokyo, Japan!


When they first arrived in Japan, Buck suggested that they go to Dogs and More ETC, but Peter had different plans.  Peter's heard his phone ringing, it was JT.  JT was Jake Trout, the team manager.  "Hey Peter, I wanted to know if you wanted to come to a party tonight. It's for dogs and their owners. We were gonna watch the Broncos and the Chargers play and the dogs were gonna watch the dog channel. You wanna come?" questioned  Jake.  Sure, I bet Buck would want to come. He loves meeting other dogs and watching the dog channel." replied Peter. They went to the Club Med hotel on 80th street, and Peter stopped. He saw a add on a billboard. It said " Watch the Football National Championship and see the Packers and Dolphins face off in the biggest stadium ever. Want cheap seats? Call 657-334-1115. Also bid on a jaw-dropping interview with AJ Thomas, the QB of the Miami Dolphins! Just before they entered Club Med, Buck saw Dogs and Co. Suddenly, Peter was struck with Buck's sad face. "Okay, okay, we can go in, but just for 20 minutes, okay?" asked Peter. "Yes, Yes! Buck thought in his mind.!" thought Buck. So they went into Dogs Co. They had varieties of  dog food, including strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and Coco-coco. Finally, Buck decided to have Coco-coco for dinner, and have a packers chew toy that Peter insisted he got. After Peter bought Buck's dinner and his chew toy, they went to the party at Club Med Hotel, Tokyo, Japan. It was room 409 instructed the bellboy, and they took the elevator to the 4th floor. Peter put Buck in a 50 by 50 play pen that Jake Trout bought just for the occasion, and Buck roamed around the exhilarating play pen. Buck happily trotted through the play pen, just to see what was inside. He saw flat screen TV's galore!  He saw dogs galore! He even saw a variety of free chew toys just for the occasion! He picked a red and blue one, and they snuck a black and silver for Peter. There was a limit per dog, per hour. He glanced over a Peter. He looked like he was having a good time just like Buck. He examined the screens, and he could see the Broncos were ahead of the Chargers, 54 to 28 Broncos. Then he saw Peter walking over to him. He inquired "You having a good time boy? I know I am!". It was getting late, so Buck said goodbye to his new friends, including Jake Trouts doggy! 

Chapter 3

Our Hotel Room!   

Our hotel room was magnifying in many ways. In one way, it had 3 bedrooms, 4 flat screen TV's, a 60 by 60 play pen just for Buck! Buck would have to play by himself tonight, because tomorrow is the National Football Championship! Buck woke up very early, estimated 4:00 AM. He went down to the lobby, and asked the bellboy " Where is the breakfast restaurant?" questioned Buck. 

"Walk down the hall, take you're first left, and you'll be in a room. That's where you order" replied the bellboy. 

" Thank you, Mister!" commented Buck

" Your welcome doggy!" commented back the bellboy

Buck walked down the hall, took his first left, and waited to be served. One man walked up to Buck and asked " What can I get you today, doggy?" 

" Can I please have scrambled over easy eggs, toast with jam on it, and 2 glasses of orange juice, please!" asked Buck.

" Sure, here is your lobster. It will shake your hand when your food is ready. Oh, and would you like a wagon to go with that to make it easier to pull the food?" replied the nice man.

" Yes please, mister!" commented back Buck.

When the lobster shook his hand, he went up to the desk and got his food in his wagon the nice man insisted he got. He got the wagon with Peter's food in it, and took the elevator to the 4th floor. He glanced at the clock in the elevator. It was 8 o'clock! Peter had to be at the field by nine! He rushed to the room, got Peter to wake up, Peter got into his uniform, ate his breakfast, and got into his car, with Buck in it, and took off.  They got to the field at 8:50, and he found the team, and he started to practice.

Chapter 4

The National Football Championship!


It was time for the National Football Championship! They played the National Anthem of the US and the National Anthem of Japan. They were both beautiful songs!

The Packers elected to get the ball at the half, and booted the ball down the field. Even though AJ Thomas was a QB, he was so fast, he was a KR (Kick Returner) and PR (Punt Returner). He caught the ball and he returned it. He's at the 50, the 40, the 30, the 20, the 10, the 5, the end-zone! We can not believe it! AJ Thomas went all the way, for the first play of the Super Bowl! He wasn't that impressive for the Packers. They set up for the kick, the Dolphins kicker, Hali Jumjuba, kicked all the way down the field and Peter returned it, and he also went all the way. That ended 2 quarters. The Packers got the ball at the half, and Peter kneeled it to get it at the 20. Peter threw a deep pass, to Jordy Nelson, and he caught it with one hand! Touchdown! That ended the third quarter. Jim Masthay, the Packers kicker, kicked a onside kick and the Packers recovered it! There were only 5 seconds left in the game, so Peter kneeled it and won the Super Bowl! The Green Bay Packers are champions! Buck barked as loudly as he could, " Yeah!" 

*The End*

Did you like my story?

Make up your own story!

What kind of personalty did Buck & Peter have?         

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Subject Pronouns!

Today in class, we learned about subject pronouns!

Singular pronouns: I, you, he, she, it
Plural pronouns: we, you, they

Here are some examples of subject pronouns. They are words that replace names or things, like thing would be it, Peter would be he, Mrs. Yollis would be she. I am going to make up a step up to writing about subject pronouns.

   Subject Pronouns are a great way to use different words instead of Peter or Mrs. Yollis. First,  instead of using Peter,  you could use he. He has a new blog post on his blog.  He admires blogging. He thinks Mrs. Yollis' blog is grand! He thinks blogging is a wonderful way to connect with others, and learn around the world! Secondly,  other than using Mrs. Yollis, you can use she.  She has a blog that is a great place to find wonderful facts.  She publishes posts that are full of inspirational blogging ideas.  Finally, instead of using thing, you could use it.   When referring to places or things you can use the word it.  It is an incredible place to have a grand vacation, and it is called Hawaii.  It has beautiful fish like the Humuhumunukunukuapua' a (hu • mu • hu • mu• nu •ku • nu •ku • a • pu • a • 'a). If you want some facts about this amazing fish, you can go to the following post on Mrs. Yollis' blog,  Mrs. Yollis' Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a is Hawaii's state fish, and it is a spectacular tropical fish. At the end of the day, subject pronouns are pretty important.

What did you think of my step-up-to-writing?

Can you research some facts about the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coyotes Basketball!

       Coyotes Basketball!

I went to a very amusing Girls Coyotes basketball game, and it was on sunday for a spot to the state championship. Sadly, our very own Coyotes lost to the Santa Barbara Dons, 71 to 56 Dons ;-(.  The Coyotes are our local Girls Basketball team. We also have a boys, but there season ended. There overall was 12-12. Their team colors are black and white.

Here is the Coyotes gym. One of our Coyotes is taking a free throw. If you notice, all the players are trying to box out to get the ball for their team.

Here's a picture of the Coyotes scoreboard. If you have good eye sight, it reads 56-33 Coyotes.

Here's a picture of the Dons taking a free throw. Again, the players are boxing out, and they are trying to get the ball for their team.

Have you ever been to a sporting event?
What's your favorite team to see play?
What's your favorite sports team?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day! I hope you had a wonderful Presidents Day! We had a lot of grand presidents, but there were two that really stood out. One was our 1st president, George Washington, and the other one was our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. They were both sensational presidents, and we remember them as leaders. I am going to write a story of fiction (fantasy) about these two significant presidents.

One day, on February 22, 1732, a young boy named George Washington was born. As he was growing up, he wanted to paint pantings for wealthy people and also sell apples. When he was growing up, he encountered many problems. One, he got fired from his job as a painter.  Instead of painting a women with her dog, he drew a women with a pig in the picture as a joke. He also got fired from selling apples, because he was overcharging people.  Instead selling apples for 5 cents, he sold them for 25 cents.  He made a dollar, but he was ordered to give the money back to all the people who bought apples.  When he was given they addresses of the people who bought apples, he noticed a familiar address. Why, it was the address of his high school friend, Abraham Lincoln. He was a jolly fellow, and he was a dear friend of George.  A few years later, George wanted to be President because he wanted to make a law that all bosses in all companies have to sign a contract stating "All employees have to serve at least five months before you consider firing them."  George was elected, and his law passed!  That law helped Abe very much because he was struggling with his new job.  This law allowed him to make money for 5 more months! Three cheers for George's law! 

*The End*

Can you tell me some facts in the comment section?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Special Delivery!

                                                          Special Delivery!

Today, we received a wonderful gift! I bet you guys can't guess what it is! The gift came from Wisconsin, from my grandparents!  They moved to Texas and decided to give us something very special, it is a musical instrument.  This instrument was a gift to my Grandfather for his 10th birthday.  I will now give you some clues to figure out what the musical instrument is ;).

  1. It has 52 white keys.
  2. It has 36 black keys.
  3. It is very big and makes beautiful sounds (when played correctly).
  4. Mozart played this instrument.

Can you guys guess what the special delivery is?

It's a piano!  There are other people that play piano in our class. Heather plays piano and so does Chloe

Do you play piano?
If not, do you play an instrument?